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About us

We are a company in consolidation that will transform the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2017 we joined Colombian and Spanish entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, to take on the challenge of access to vital medicines and strengthen health systems in Latin America and the world.

Our holding company develops and commercializes biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and sterile solutions in a more accessible and scalable way. We focus, in particular, on blood derivatives created from human plasma.

Our Business Units




At the central plant, we transform biological raw materials into vital solutions. Modern production facilities enable us to offer pharmaceutical products worldwide and to provide toll manufacturing services for secondary packaging to third parties. To complement this, we also produce low-volume sterile drugs.

We guarantee our raw material: human plasma. VitalQ is fundamental for the quality and safety of our products because it ensures a constant and reliable supply of plasma for the production of plasma derivatives. Through audits, consulting and logistics, VitalQ establishes solid relationships with blood banks and national and international health entities.  

We ensure that our biological and sterile solutions are delivered to our customers in an agile, timely and cost-efficient manner. Our business unit drives expansion through long-term relationships in collaboration with key partners, developing a portfolio that responds to market needs.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

Mark Twain


Our network of branches and subsidiaries is a fundamental pillar, which is why we are present throughout the continent.

Office Locations

These strategic connections allow us to take our commitment worldwide. 

A team committed to life

Meet the hearts and minds behind our organization.

We are proud to count on our founders, who day by day have led LifeFactors Group to reach every milestone and consolidate the business.

More +140 families 

Working towards a common purpose

At LifeFactors, equal opportunity is a reality for everyone in a team that fosters diversity.

Gender Equality

Global Team

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Several Specialties

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