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Plasma Universe

A biological resource from which our mission starts.

The starting point for the development of blood-derived medicines is human plasma. We use the surplus from blood banks, a biological resource that used to be incinerated, now goes to our plants and we use it to contribute to the sustainability of the environment and health systems. Each process stands out for its high quality, backed by the most advanced science and technology.

¿How do we extract plasma?


Route of life

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¿Where does plasma come from?

The generous act of donating transcends borders. Surplus human plasma from blood donations in 4 geographies is our biological asset for developing life-saving blood products.


Before our arrival

70% of the plasma was 


Now, we recover it

¿Where does the gift of life originate?

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To my friends I am Andrés,

 to others I am a hero.

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Paulina is a

Frequent blood donor.

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My name is Damian

donating is the best gift I can give.

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Hi, I'm Paulina,

I donate because plasma saved my life.

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