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Leading-edge industrial complex

We are proud of our brand new, state of the art, high tech factory that’s located in an Economic Free Trade Zone.

Industrial Capabilities

We are located in a duty-free Economic Trade Zone, which gives us the opportunity to serve the domestic and international market with world-class standards. 

Fractionation plant for plasma derivatives products

(API y F&F) We produce Immunoglobulin, we also fill and package blood products.

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New Fractionation plant for plasma derivatives products

New capacity expansion plant, in operation 2026, for the production of plasma derivatives.

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Cambridge Lab

Production, filling and packaging of biotech products and small molecules.


Laboratory to explore, experiment and develop innovative products.

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Planta de Almacenamiento & Acondicionamiento

Cumplimos requisitos y estándares de Buenas Prácticas de Manufactura (BPM) para medicamentos.

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+140 collaborators

Our holding company is strengthened by diverse and multicultural talent, driving a symphony of perspectives that build our success.

Ventajas competitivas


Strategic location for global imports and exports.


High-tech equipment


Availability of access to regional plasma.

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Experts in the production of medicines.


High specialty in medicines with special logistic needs.


International cooperation agreements.

Strategic Partners

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