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We create science as an expression of creativity, ingenuity and great talents.

We employ a unique method for plasma fractionation. This represents a milestone in the blood products industry. Since World War II, the Cohn method has been the standard technique in the field, but at LifeFactors we are innovating with a patented process.


Higher yields

Our simplified purification method allows obtaining up to 30% more immunoglobulins than traditional methods, and at least 20% more albumin delivering more drug dose per liter of plasma processed.


All within reach

LifeFactors' technology makes it possible for developing countries to access their own biomedicines using their own biological resources.


Quality & Safety

Our raw material is highly safe and certified. Each production batch complies with good manufacturing practices following the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the European Pharmacopoeia and the Colombian Biopharmaceutical regulations to deliver products of high purity, viral safety and reliability.

We tell you a story

The history of plasma fractionation began with the need to create blood products to help wounded soldiers in World War II. Dr. Edwin Cohn of Harvard developed a method to separate proteins from human plasma. Today, this process is the basis of plasma production in most parts of the world.

Profitability only with large quantities of human plasma.
Process based on ethanol operations.
Yield per liter of plasma:
IgG: 4 g / Albumin: 26 g.

LifeFactors is different

We employ a unique method for plasma fractionation, which represents a milestone in the blood products industry, and we have innovated with our patented process.

Profitability with low amounts of Human Plasma.
Process based on simple salts and polymer operation.
Yield per liter of plasma:
IgG: 6 g / Albumin: 32 g

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